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Are you looking for travel blogs that allow guest posts? Winning Paradise welcomes you to come up for an expansion of the website and get the author’s credits. Continue reading the “Write for us” guidelines below to submit the guest post and publish your article correspondingly.

We are available 24/7 for contributors who are willing to share their knowledge, suggestions and experience in the field of travelling. Our audience always looks for useful and actionable visions of travel innovations and the innovators who make them happen. In simple words, articles or blogs will assist others in their growth and in the journey of their transformation.

Guidelines for Guest Blog Submission: 

  • Please always ensure that your content should be related to our themes, such as vacations, destinations or seasonal travel. 
  • The length of an article or a blog must be at least 800 words. However, you are allowed to take the maximum limit of the article to 1000-1200. 
  • The article should be unique and plagiarism free.
  • Always ensure that you submit authentically and spin-free articles, as we don’t accept them because this is just against Google’s guidelines.  
  • Adult, drug, alcohol, and copyright-related content should not be accepted for article content.
  • The article should be relatable to the niche.
  • You can send us your article by contacting us or simply by sending at:
  • Firstly we will analyze your article and the details of the anchor text and then inform you regarding acceptance of the article.


Topics and Post Types: 

  • Major city, destination, and holiday travel guides.
  • Weekend getaways and road vacations in your state.
  • Seasonal travel advice, current travel news, and travel recommendations.


Guidelines for Writing Style: 

  • We request you write an SEO-friendly article. There is a checklist below that you must follow, and only on the basis of this checklist we publish your article.
  • The title of the article should be related to the content only. 
  • You can use additional keywords as well, such as in heading 2(h2) and heading 3(h3).
  • Targeted keyword: Add at least 2-3 times. You can use keywords proximities as well, like if you are unable to use the exact same keywords in the sentence. 
  • Add the keywords where they make sense only; it should not look like keyword stuffing.
  • Your article should be to the point and do not add an unnecessary thing that is irrelevant to the niche or content.

By filling out this contact form, you can easily send us a pitch or you can drop a mail as well on this: