Things to do in Hatta

10 Best Things To Do in Hatta

Discover the beautiful landscapes of Hatta and all the fun tourist spots, which are a must-visit. Unravel the unknown parts and listen to the calling in these mysterious mountains.

Have you ever heard of Hatta before? Or what to do in Hatta when you reach there? You will be introduced to the location, places to visit in Hatta and the things to do in Hatta after reaching this destination. So, let us get into the excitement of exploring something new.

1. Mountain Hiking
Who wouldn’t love the thrill and energy of climbing never before seen terrains and conquering high peaks? Located within the Hajjar mountains is the vast peaks of sandy patches and beautifully sculpted rocks. These desert mountains offer an excellent way to enjoy a complete workout for the body and mind.

2. Mountain Biking
Hatta mountain bike trail centre offers a unique opportunity for beginner to advanced level bikers to experience mountain biking across the meandering pathways of hills, wadis and farmland in Hatta on the back of a strong mountain bike. Spanning across the 52 km stretch is a challenging trail of a self-guided path with clear markers. 

Visitors can choose to tackle the biking trail alone or join the many hobby groups who assemble there to take on the challenge and have some fun.

3. Sightseeing
Some of the famous sites to visit in Hatta in the Hatta Dam with its calm turquoise waters set against the backdrop of its natural rough-edged mountains, then the Hatta heritage village in central town consisting of reconstructed huts and houses. The Village also offers an insight into its wild past with relics and documents which tell a tale of how life in this Arabian Village went about hundreds of years ago.

A tour around the Village will further reveal the presence of two watchtowers, a museum that hosts several events during UAE holidays and a fort, as well as a mosque dating back centuries. The Hatta Hill Park, a lush open space suited perfectly for picnics and barbecues, is another must-see spot. Finally, the Hatta honey bee discovery centre educates you about the fascinating work of a beehive keeper and the hardworking process behind making honey.

4. Adventure Sports
Ready to gear up a notch? For all you adrenaline junkies, Hatta offers a variety of high adrenaline options depending on your preference. You can enjoy safe water sports in the calm and serene clear waters of the turquoise-hued lake, with the activities on offer, including renting out a kayak or paddle boats from a kiosk at the reservoir. 

Hatta lake has a lot of surprises as you venture deep inside its vast unseen areas through twisted passageways revealing what is behind the mysterious mountains invisible from the reservoir viewpoint. Hatta Wadi Hub offers a variety of adventurous action-packed activities like archery, axe throwing, free-fall bungee jumping, downhill carting and even a course on adventure ropes. The heart-pumping thrills and spills continue as long as you wish. 

Those who want to try out some aerial actions are welcome to try out the paragliding activity on offer at the Birds Eye Parachuting Club. Get your feet off the air and spread your wings over 500 feet off the ground. Then, let the Arabian winds take over and glide you over the mountainous terrain giving you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding unexplored areas. 

5. Energizing Coffee Break
A caffeine boost after a long, adventurous day at the Wild Hatta Café is the best way to relax and reflect on the moments experienced during the trip. This coffee shop has a wide selection of hot and cold drinks to choose from to calm your mind by carrying you into your comfort zone.

6. Hattawood Time
Hollywood is understandably on the other end of the world. But, hey, did you know Hatta too has a landmark iconic sign? All you have to do to get yourself some awesome selfies with the Hattawood sign is follow the red, blue or green hiking routes to help you reach the spot safely. The entire trip is about 6-7 km in distance. 

7. Non-Veg Paradise

If a coffee break wasn’t enough. There is always a Tanoor restaurant at your service! To help you refuel after a long, hot day at Hatta. Hatta doesn’t just offer you the spots to spend your fuel but also offers you spots to refuel. This classy traditional restaurant offers you some of the best non-veg cuisine ranging from chicken lamb and even serving traditional camel dishes to tickle your palate.

8. Rocky Oasis
Not had enough of all the excitement? Well, here is one to chill your body from the heat. Hatta’s rock pools are natural freshwater springs from rocky crevices and waterfalls where guests can wade through the clear glistening water. Early in the morning or late in the evening when the lights are out is the perfect time to visit this spot.

9. Camping Wild
Hatta Dome Park or the Hatta Caravan Park is a perfect spot for daredevil adventurers who prefer to be closer to nature and pitch a tent and a campfire for the night. What better way to fall asleep than under the starry night sky. 

There are many barbecue areas for those who enjoy cooking their dinner, or you could choose from the food trucks located at the Hatta Wadi Hub.

10. Luxury Accommodation
Now for those who prefer a quieter night out and peaceful rest, book a night at the Hatta Damani Lodges or Hatta Sedr Trailers, providing quality rooms for the night.

JA Hatta Fort Hotel is great if you’re looking for a luxury resort-style stay for those who want a posh night and aren’t shy to spend big. The hotel offers its guests world-class restaurants a spa, and every room or suite is provided with a mountainside view.

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