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6 Largest Indoor Water Parks in the World

Now that summer has arrived, it may be prudent to begin searching for water parks that can remain open year-round and are unaffected by wind and rain.

To attract new consumers, indoor water parks frequently boast about being the world’s largest or perhaps the world’s largest. However, just a few can claim to be the world’s largest indoor water parks.

To compare these resorts, we look at the total area covered by the indoor water park. Bear in mind that this is a quickly evolving sector, with new indoor water parks opening all the time and existing ones expanding.

1. Tropical Island Resort

This incredible indoor water park is around 710,000 square feet in size and is located in Krausnick, Germany. This park currently holds the distinction of the world’s biggest water park and does not appear willing to relinquish it anytime soon.

The hangar in which this water park is located is 351 feet tall and is the world’s largest single hall without internal pillars. This edifice, dubbed Aerium, was originally intended to serve as a Zeppelin hangar.

However, as fate would have it, the airship for which this massive hangar was designed was never built, and the facility was later purchased by a Malaysian firm and converted into the Waterpark it is today.

This amazing amusement park is surrounded by rainforest, a beach, palm trees, birdsong, and, most intriguing, a man-made sun.

2. World Water Park

This indoor water park is the largest in North America and is located within one of the world’s largest malls, the West Edmonton Mall.

World Water Park is located in Edmonton, Canada, and comfortably accommodates up to 40,000 customers.

This water park is home to one of the largest indoor wave pools in the world, with waves reaching up to six feet high.

Twister and Cyclone, two water slides at this park, fight for the highest slides in the water park, standing at 83 feet. It is approximately 225,000 square feet in size.

This indoor water park, which spans over 225,000 square feet indoors, is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful indoor water parks.

It is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Among the amenities available here are a lazy river, a children’s pool, hot tubs, and a total of six water slides.

3. Kalahari Resorts Sandusky

This 173,000-square-foot water park in Sandusky holds the distinction of being the biggest indoor water park in the United States.

Due to the resort’s unique roof design, the majority of the natural light outside is permitted to penetrate in, allowing visitors to tan all year.

A wave pool, basketball court, and two surfing simulators are just a few of the amenities available here.

Sandusky is one of the world’s biggest water parks. It has a capacity of 7,000 visitors. Along with its indoor beach and water rides, the park features a range of attractions.

In this park, numerous fast water slides are available, as well as a large wave pool. One may also be captivated by the magnificent beach, which has been designed in a jungle style.

4. Beijing National Aquatics Center

This water park, which is also known as “Water Cube,” was originally designed to host swimming sports during the 2008 Summer Olympics. After the Olympics, half of the center’s interior was renovated and repurposed as a water park.

This water park features numerous slides, water rides, spa areas, and a wave pool. It is 129.000 square feet in size. It is considered one of the most beautiful indoor water park resorts in the world.

Additionally, guests may look forward to a lazy river and a water playground equipped with geysers, sprinklers, and a tipping bucket that carries approximately 300 gallons of aquatic enjoyment. Moreover, there are mat racer slides, and the list actually goes on and on.

5. Kalahari Resorts, Wisconsin Dells

This is located in the self-proclaimed “World’s Waterpark Capital.” It is 125,000 square feet in size and was once the largest indoor water park in the United States before Sandusky opened.

There is also an indoor theme park, a golf course, a bowling alley, and go-kart tracks. The Flowrider at this park propels around 50,000 gallons of water each minute, creating waves that the Ocean would envy. Additionally, it includes a Frog Pond for toddlers and babies to enjoy.

6. Coco Key Water Resort

Sixth on our list of the biggest indoor water parks in the world, Coco Key Water Resort is located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and spans an astounding 55,000 square feet.

The “Parrot’s Perch” attraction is an especially spectacular draw for youngsters, as it has little pint-sized slides, a tipping bucket that can carry 300 gallons of water, and a water cannon. Numerous fast water slides are available, as also a large wave pool.

One may also be captivated by the magnificent beach, which has been designed in a jungle style, as well as the beach restaurant, which has been designed in a club style.

The Takeaway

An indoor water park is a place where people can go alone or with friends and family to have a good time. Indoor water park resorts are plentiful these days, and because of their indoor nature, one does not need to worry about the season before heading to one of these incredible places to let loose and truly let go. The ocean very literally takes away your problems.

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