10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Islands are so special! Do you know why? The white-sand beaches, coral reefs, breathtaking sunsets, and distinctive species draw our attention. Many wanderlusts rank the world’s most beautiful islands at the top of their bucket lists.

Islands are, on the whole, quite lovely. After all, they are islands. However, deciding on an island for your next trip can be difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.

10- Viti Levu

It is the biggest island in Fiji, a Pacific Ocean country renowned for its magnificent beaches. There are two large cities, Suva and Nati. Viti Levu is famous as the Garden Island thanks to its dense forests and waterfalls mixed with picturesque white-sand beaches.

Both nature and the culture of this place make it one of the most stunning enclaves in the world. Its highlights include areas like the coral coast and the pacific harbour where tourists pay to dive and feed sharks, all this without a cage in between.

As if this experience wasn’t enough, visitors may go rafting on the Navua River. Inari, the Hindu Temple of Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami decorated in striking colours, is also a compulsory visit.

9- Capri

Capri is an Italian island located off the coast of Naples. It is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The first image you’ll have of it is the quaint port of Mariana Grande, perched at the foot of a steep mountain and bathed in the Mediterranean’s enchanted seas.

From there, a funicular connects to the city of Capri. The old town, located on the top part of the island, is rather pleasant. A tiny square named La Piazzetta stands out as an excellent location for photographing the island and even the coast of Naples. Additionally, the church of San Stefano, the church of Santa Sophia, and the Barbarossa Corsair Castle are all worth visiting.

However, all of these architectural marvels pale in comparison to the natural treasures on the island, particularly the Blue Grotto, a partially submerged cave accessible only by boat. There is a tunnel beneath the surface that allows sunlight to penetrate. It imparts an incredible blue hue to the sea, the very definition of a natural wonder.

8-La Digue

Seychelles is an archipelago of about 115 small islands located in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. They’re so tiny that they barely exceed the size of Ibiza when combined. The most attractive is La Digue, a 3.8-square-mile island. It is famed for the granite boulders that line its coastlines, contrasting with crystal-clear water.

The island’s population is 2000, split between two villages. The remainder of the island is deserted, providing an excellent atmosphere for vacationers seeking secluded locations. Additionally, it boasts stunning coral reefs that make snorkelling a pleasure.

7-Saint Lucia

It is a small volcanic island in the Caribbean. Castries, the capital, is a notable cruise stop, as the country attracts thousands of tourists each year due to its landscapes, including the Bay of Marigot and the Bay of Safari.

Another feature contributing to the island’s beauty is the waterfalls, such as the 15-meter-high Tauride. In addition, the island’s interior is covered in pristine jungles, rolling meadows, and several volcanoes, including the Koala Boo and the Sulphur Springs crater, where visitors can bathe in mud.


Santorini is a Greek island located near an ancient volcano that erupted in 1600 BC, destroying the island and forming a cauldron. If you ever visit Santorini, you will be astounded by the city of Fira, which is perched on the edge of an 853-foot cliff.

There is a port where cruise ships dock, which is connected to the city through a steep route connected by a cableway. The beaches of Comorian Persa are unmissable, making it the best tropical island vacations spot.

Santorini is also a historical landmark, as the volcano covered the remnants of the ancient Greek city of Akrotiri. It is the island’s most important archaeological site. In terms of scenery, the best sunsets can be observed from the town of Hawaii, which is home to the island’s two most iconic locations.


It is located in Indonesia, well-known for having more than 10,000 temples. It is also known as the island of the gods. There are so many attractions in Bali that it is impossible to see everything. Bali has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is well-known for its beaches, particularly Kuta, which is popular with surfers.

Volcanoes dominate the island’s landscape. Gunung Agon is the largest. The region is densely forested with rice fields, the most notable of which is the step-shaped Jeddah Louis crop. Woo bud, Bali’s most important city, is densely packed with Hindu temples such as the Tirta Empul, where people are purified in pools.

Pura Dalem, the colossal temple of death, is located in the heart of the monkey forest. Other significant places include Saga, the mother shrine, and the Chitra Ganga Tata Water Temple. The island’s inhabitants go there to pray and present offerings to the gods in the lake, pleading with them to keep the rains pleasant.


This volcanic island is one of the most stunning in Hawaii, especially when viewed from Tunnels Beach. In its natural state, the island is somewhat intimidating. Notably, blockbuster movies Jurassic Park and Jurassic World were filmed there.

Constant rain creates magnificent waterfalls, including Waialua and those on the slopes of Mount Wylie L. The most stunning area in Hawaii is the Napa Lie coast. Due to the constant rains, it features furrow cliffs. There is no way to get there.

Therefore, people wishing to view the site must either board a helicopter, a boat, or trek 18 hours across the Kullu Valley’s perilous path. The interior of the island is just as stunning as its shores, particularly the Waimea Canyon, dubbed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific due to its 3600-foot depth.


The Maldives is an archipelago of over 2000 islands, 87 of which are totally devoted to tourism. Cocoa, formerly known as Mecanoo Fushi, is the most attractive and one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Eric Clem, a German photographer, decided to build a hotel on the island 30 years ago.

Now the entire island of Cocoa is owned by the hotel firm Como, which provides a service of high-priced resorts, capitalising on the island’s stunning beaches with ultra-white sand and crystalline waters. All of this really adds up to make it one of the most extravagant places in the world and the most picturesque and peaceful.


This island is the most beautiful on the Asian continent. It is part of the Philippine archipelago and is touted by the country’s government as a significant ecological destination due to its rare combination of mountains, jungles, and magnificent beaches. In addition, tourists can visit its coastlines to explore Subang’s underground river, which runs five kilometres beneath the surface.

Palawan’s primary attraction is Bhiku Bay, which is adjacent to the island and is filled with tiny rocky islands dubbed The Nest due to their proximity to the town from which the boats depart for the voyage between the cliffs. Four distinct pathways lead to a unique location, such as a secret lagoon, a small beach concealed between the rocks, or the Andalusia coasts.

1-Bora Bora

Bora Bora, located in French Polynesia, is one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations and one of the most desirable islands for a honeymoon. It protects mountains on the main island and is encircled by a barrier of coral reefs that prevents seawater from mixing with the archipelago’s water, resulting in the formation of a lovely Crystalline lagoon.

Visitors can stay in seaside bungalows and explore the fine sand beaches. If you visit Bora Bora and want to reconnect with nature, you can rent a yacht or explore the land goon area. Another popular tourist feature is the Lotus, which are tiny islands of lush vegetation where visitors can sunbathe in complete seclusion.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are planning a trip with a friend or your much-awaited honeymoon, these islands have something for everyone with their magnificent topography, spectacular beaches, and unique civilizations. These breathtakingly beautiful islands are a must-visit, from rain-soaked coastal regions to sunny reefs.

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